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Immune Boosting Protocol
Immune Boosting Protocol

This morning I was looking at the South African Covid 19 stats, as I am so sure most of us do as part of our morning routine. Who would have thought that I would be so morbidly fascinated by these ever increasing numbers? It’s hard to make sense of it all but what is clear is that the country is in panic and our medical resources are blatantly insufficient. 

Our primary task now, should be keeping ourselves as healthy and as immunologically strong as possible. With all the information being bombarded at us constantly, this can be an overwhelming request. What do I take? How do I take it? When do I take it? How long should I take it for?? 

My advice to patients is to keep it simple. A few key supplements, a healthy diet, regular exercise and a daily dose of our beautiful South African sunshine and fresh air will go a long way to keep our immune systems fighting strong. 

 I recommend 3 core supplements:

- Zinc

- Vitamin D3 

- Vitamin C

These form the basis from which we support our immunity. 

Zinc is the super star of immune defense. It should be taken once a day, in the morning. Zinc is a wonderful immune booster and helps arm our defense cells against invading viruses. It’s an effective anti-viral and sucking a zinc lozenge goes a long way to lowering viral load entering our bodies through our airways. 

 -Nutrigreen Zinc Complex 

-Vibrant Health Krebs Zinc

-Solgar Chelated Zinc

-Solgar Zinc Picolinate 

-Metagenics Zinc Ag

Supplier stocks are low. Click on "NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE"  for re-stocking updates!

I advise a Vitamin D3 supplement daily, also as a morning dose. D3 has a number of health benefits and is very useful in modulating both our innate and adaptive immune responses. I recommend a daily dose of between 1000iu and 5000iu, depending on your immune needs and daily sun exposure. 

 Too much D3 can be dangerous and it’s advised not to exceed a daily dose of 5000iu, unless advised otherwise by your primary care practitioner. 


-Metagenics D3 5000iu [in store only]

-Sfera Vitamin D3

-Solgar Vitamin D3

-Vibrant Health D3 4000u

 Vitamin C shines in its role as a super antioxidant and protects our cells against damage done by invading viruses. It’s ability to help support the immune system makes it a daily necessity.

 Try taking 500mg vitamin C 3x daily or a 1000mg dose daily to help keep your immune system at its fighting best. 

 -Sfera Vitamin C

-Solgar Ester C  

-Vibrant Health Super C 

-Real Thing Ester C

-Metagenice Ultra Potent C

 I have a few favorite herbals that I include in my own daily regime. 

 Black Cumin Oil (nigella sativa) has long been used to treat inflammatory conditions. Traditionally it is used for the treatment of asthma and bronchitis. Since flu season is here, this supplement helps keep our respiratory system safe. I take a maintenance dose of 2capsules daily, but would increase that to a twice daily dose if I succumbed to the flu. 

 Echinacea should not be overlooked. Echinacea has antiviral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties and helps optimize our immune responses. This makes it a very valuable asset in our efforts to keep our immune systems healthy and a key component in my anti-flu protocol. 

I prefer an Echinacea tincture as opposed to Tabs, although both work equally well. I like the “tingle” that a good quality Tincture leaves on your tongue, a reminder to me of its potent immune support. This “tingle” signifies an adequate quantity of the active alkylamides, a sign that the product is a good quality.

As a support supplement I take 10drops in water 2x daily or in an acute case (when I have active flu) I will increase this to 15drops 3x daily for 5days. 

 -A Vogel Echinaforce 

-PhytoForce Echinacea 

-Solgar Echinacea Cats Claw complex 

 These are just a few of the building blocks of my Immune Booster Protocol. I change it up, depending on what I present with at any time. 

 Pop in to our stores and have a chat with either myself or my colleagues and we will be able to guide you in making informed and beneficial choices so that your health is maintained at optimal levels. 

Kind regards and stay safe.

Dr Monique Olivier

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